I Left My Heart in Asia

I might have not traveled every inch of the world. But, I’ve lived in one beautiful continent I call home, ASIA. The land I first stepped on. The air I first breath in. The food I first indulged in. The place that always take big space in my heart.

It is not always easy once one asked where is the place on earth I love the most. Every place that I have been has its own charms and beauty. Goods or bads that one country ever gave me won’t make me think not to go back. There are places I want to revisit or maybe to live in.

Growing up in Indonesia, I got the idea that our people are really humble, nice, and caring. But since I live in it, at somepoint I couldn’t see what is that phrase all about. Then, when am away I well-understood how nice my people are. One said, people who live in tropical country tend to have warm personality compared to subtropical people. I couldn’t agree more with that thesis.

Now, am almost 20.000 km away from home, I dearly really bad my home and everyone in it. I miss the foods. To me nothing can beat the rich flavor of Indonesian food. Oh no! the whole Asian food are the best.





I miss my mom’s cook. I crave to eat without utensils but just fingers and by the end I would do the finger licking.

It is really easy to find delicious food back home. Our street food is the best. By “our” here is I meant all around Asia. Yeah, I might overrated when I said all around Asia given I myself never visited any other part of Asia then South and Southeast Asia. But, that region I believe is a good representative of asian culinary.



Land of Exoticism

Don’t get me started with this.

The fruits!

The traditional market!

The colors!








Mother Nature

I long for the warm of sunshine that heat up the sea water. The humidity that I don’t really know wether should be hated or loved.







4 Replies to “I Left My Heart in Asia”

  1. “I miss my mom’s cook.” Nyokap pasti terharu deh Fii kalo baca ini.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Trus kapan yak gw mulai suka masak biar Boo Mika suatu saat bilang hal yg sama? Muahahaha.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Selalu suka foto2 di IG lo Fii.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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